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Power Mobile Gym prides itself on giving back to the community, in order to do so, we offer catered programs for a range of target groups in the Greenwich borough. Our aims are to help individuals to enhance their life skills through personal development, whilst incorporating physical activity into their everyday lives. We aim to create positive changes within all our participants and provide them greater possibilities to succeed in whichever sector they choose.

12 week boxing empowerment

Our 12 week Boxing Empowerment programme is a combination of both physical exercise/self defence and personal development sessions. This program consists of 2 sessions a week with 50% of the program being theoretical and 50% practical. The purpose of this program is to install confidence, accountability and emotional development/intelligence skills in the young people we work with. In the past we have run this program with young offenders, those at risk of being excluded, those at risk of falling into criminal activity, participants from low income backgrounds etc. This has been a program that has been requested back to back within schools and has positively impacted the lives of many young people.

Rude Bwoy 2 Role Model

Our 2 week cultural exchange programme between England and Jamaica sets out to unite communities around the world through the use of boxing,cultural enrichment and mentoring.

12 week employment pathway

Our 12 week Employment Pathway programme consists of 1 session a week that focuses on enhancing the life skills of young people around the subject of employment. We build and master the art of CV writing, interview preparation, job applications and much more! In the past this program has been most popular within schools for those aged 15+. This programme is 100% theoretical based including the assessments/quizzes.

15 week boxing development

Our Boxing Development Programmes are aimed at those 11-19 years old and in full time education with a basic understanding of the sport of boxing. We offer this programme as an extension of our boxing empowerment programme, to provide those who are interested in developing further in the sport of boxing with an opportunity to do so. This programme will help to build confidence, social skills and improve overall health and well-being. The purpose of this programme is to provide benefits to young people who have potential of progressing further within the sport of boxing either through competing or coaching. On this course the participants will learn the advanced techniques and skills of different styles of  boxing in order to prepare them for a skills bout which will happen at the end of their 15 week course.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think your organisation/ school would be interested in one of our programs!

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